Atas Fun
Atas Fun is an indie game development studio founded by Allison Liemhetcharat.

Feisty Fauna

Feisty Fauna is a ridiculously cute survivors-like / bullet heaven where you're a cute animal trying to survive. Whether it's by laying traps, being a ninja, or charming minions, you will hunt other cute animals in this eat-or-be-eaten animal world. Feisty Fauna is currently in development, and will be released on Steam. You can download and play the free demo on Steam today!

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat is an endless runner game, where the goal is to eat as many creatures as possible before dying. Starting as a generic slime, you become what you eat and gain new abilities. But be careful, what's edible to you depends on what characteristics you currently have. You Are What You Eat has been released for free on WebGL, Android, and iOS (currently offline).

You Are What You Eat can be played with a Lioness. If you're interested to try it out, you can purchase a Lioness with affiliate/coupon code ALLISON10 for a 10% discount (and Allison will receive an affiliate bonus with no extra cost to you). The Lioness edition has been released for free on Android and iOS (currently offline).